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Coming Soon: Botanicals

"Summer Flora" release in July

This body of work I have been painting for over a year. Painting flowers is different from landscapes in that there is no horizon line to keep in mind.  I am free to paint whatever shape, size or color I want, wherever I want. It is an open playground to explore composition and subject. HOW FUN!


I like the chaos of arranging the leaves, stems and flowers overlapping one another, crowding them together in a mix of color and lines. I mimic how flowers grow in the wild, and follow my instincts. I let myself go and with that I let myself grow.  

Of course I hope you find these paintings beautiful. But I hope they connect with you in a deeper way too. Let them remind you to be like a wildflower sometimes. Let yourself grow without rules. Honor your true colors. Let them shine. Be yourself. Go for it!

Like every collection I release online, it will be available first to my email subscribers. They receive a preview email with prices a week ahead of time and shop access 24-hours before the official release.

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 Pop -Up Art Show

Spring Art Soiree in Tomales Bay

This March I was awarded a week stay at Nicks Cove as part of their Artist-in-Residence program. It was rainy and cold, but I explored the area and painted every day. To celebrate my time there, i will be showing the work i made there at their Spring Soiree. I will have mostly little, small and medium sized paintngs from Point Reyees, Inveerness and Tomales Bay. If you want to buy tickets in advance, visit here. And for 20% off your ticket enter the code: FriendsFamily. I hope you can make it!

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 9.30.13 PM.png

Catalog Feature + New Representation

Sundance Catalog Feature

I am pleased to announce new representation with the Sundance print and online catalog. There is a gorgeous full page spread which tells my story as an artist in their spring 2023 home catalog. All of my artwork available with them can be found on their website.

See the Available Paintings: HERE

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