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Some Favorite Sold Works


Tennessee Valley Wonder
Summer Sage Bridgeport
Lemon Sea
Nicasio Dark Blue Dreams
Twin Tides
Sunset from Donelle Vista Point
Low Light Tumble
Vineyard Feather
Mendocino Spring Walk
Soft and Shaggy Marin Headlands
Spring Headlands Tumble
Mount Diablo Zig Zag
Bodega Bay Picnic
Estuary Harmony
Dipsea Magic
When I Think of Home, Marin County
Watching the Waves Roll In


Cold Toes, Stinson Blues 2021
East Bay Glow
All the Colors
Rainbow Estuary
Sonora Pass Sage
Pink Drive
Where Wild Flowers Are
Riding the Hills, Loma Alto 2021
Muir Blues to San Francisco
It's Your Dipsea Day
Let's Walk to the Bluff
El Capitan Otono
Blue Horizon, Marin Headlands
Always Here Between Stinson and Muir
Big River Beach


On the Edge Mount Tamalpais
Tomales Heartbreaker
Wind and Sand
Fresh Air Above Stinson
Gold Shine Tam
Water Color Blocks
Windy Surf, Big River Beach
Cronkite Beach Color Wind
Gray July Mendocino
Clear as a Bell, Mendocino
California Hills to the Way Back
If I Were a Sea Otter
We Grow Together
Here We Are, Quiet
Hanglider Spring
Keep Swimming
Little Hot Aqua Dipsea
Light and Hope Between the Heavy Deep
Lake Alpine
Olema Lunch Under Clouds
Noon at Nicasio Reservior
Noe Valley Kiss
Mount Tam Lookout
Picnic Walk
Pelican Lake Point Reyes
Overlaps Mount Tamalpais
Surf Shapes
Summer Sweet Mount Tamalpais
Under the Covers Navarro Beach
Water Color Blocks
When the Birds Sing
When You Know Where to Go
Yarrow and Fennel Above the Beach, Big Sur
Uphill Summer Tam
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