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I revel in taking my paints outside and capturing a moment in time that expresses the soothing drama of expansive landscapes.

There are moments when I see a landscape and it is so beautiful to me, it is overwhelming to look at. My heart jumps out of my chest, I want to be the land.  I want to be the rain, the wind, the clouds.  However I am just a human in a tiny body.  So I humbly accept my place and do what I can to show my gratitude and awe for the land – I paint it.

Contemporary Landscape Paintings

My shop is currently closed. It will open at 11am, April 27th for my SPRING collection release.

If you are on my mailing list you will get an email with a password to enter the 26th at 11am.

"When I view Liana's art, I can feel the land and I am moved inside. Especially now, we need art that captures the spirit of a place. Liana does that." - Sheira Kahn

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