Elliot Fouts Gallery

I have more than a handful of paintings offered at Elliott Fouts Gallery. It is a gorgeous space with lots of great art to see. Go take a look! Or click on the link below and see what I have there now.

Elliot Fouts Gallery

1831 P. Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Anne Irwin Fine Art

Ann Irwin Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia has a number of my paintings for purchase. They are a great gallery run by some spectacular, sweet women. You can check out my work they have by clicking the link below. 

Anne Irwin

690 Miami Circle NE #150

Atlanta, GE 30324

Inclusions Gallery

I currently have three paintings in the racks at Inclusions Gallery in San Franicsco. They have a wonderful collection of art by local artists. If you are in the area stop by or make an appointment. On my "Oil Landscapes" page, paintings that are available at the gallery are stated so in the description.

Inclusions Gallery

627 Corteland Ave,

San Francisco, CA 94110

Greeting Cards


I also have over 15 different greeting cards on sale at Two Neat in downtown Milll Valley. Two Neat is a fun shop with with an amazing selection of silly gifts, local merchandise and cards for any occasion. A great shop! Go check them out! 

Two Neat 

111, Throckmorton Ave,

Mill Valley, CA 94941