Is there a special place that you would like to have painted? Maybe the view from where you were married? A favorite camping spot? Your childhood home's backyard? Let me paint it for you! You and I will work together to make a special piece of art that captures your fondness for a specific place outdoors.


How does it work? First of all, I want it to be a fun project for you! Pairing up with me to make a one of a kind piece of art is a special project and I want to make sure the process is just as awesome as the final piece! This will not be stressful. Relax. It is going to turn out great!


Usually how it works is I meet with you in person and take a look at the space where the painting will go. If we cannot meet in person, we do a phone or video chat. We talk about colors, size, subject, overall feeling and any other important tidbits of inspiration and visions you might have.  If it is a place that I cannot visit myself, I will ask you for photo references. I send you a list of specific questions ahead of time so you can be ready.

After our meeting I send you a few pencil sketches to choose from. After you choose a sketch, I will work on the painting for a set period of time that we have agreed upon. When I feel like the painting is close to done or done, I contact you with a photo for review. This is your chance to take a look and request any changes. After any revisions are made, I contact you a second time. Hopefully at this point, its complete. If not, I will gladly revisit the painting once more to make sure it is perfect. I then deliver the painting to you and viola! It is done and you feel good!


I work hard to make a beautiful personal piece of art that really speaks to you. I want it to be something you cherish and love looking at every day!


If you are interested in commissioning a painting or have questions, telephone me at (415) 420-9683 or fill out the contact form on the contact page to email me. Thank you!


"Tide Switch", 44" x 80", Oil Commission
"Mount Tam Spectacular", 30" x 30", Oil Commission