Artist Statement

Hi Everyone!

My name is Liana Steinmetz. I am a lover of art, and all things outdoors. My passion is taking my paints outside and capturing a moment in time that expresses the soothing drama of expansive landscapes. I have been painting professionally for ten years.


I grew up in Marin County, California where redwood forests meet the ocean and miles of grassy hills touch the bay. When I wasn’t outside exploring, I was at home, engrossed in an art project. 


After graduating college, where I studied Anthropology, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was lost in our fast-paced culture. I struggled with keeping up, comparing myself to others, and belonging. While wading through sadness, I came to find that the more time I spent outside in nature, the happier I felt. The more connected I was to Mother Earth, the more I felt like I belonged to something beautiful, meaningful and safe. And documenting that connection through painting, was very powerful and invigorating. It was a natural progression for me to create a career out of that relationship.


So here I am! Sharing my experience with you! I hope my paintings will speak to that part of you that also appreciates and identifies with the magic of the outdoors. I hope they will inspire you to take a deep breath and remind you that you are also part of the earth. I hope they make you feel good!


Painting is a spiritual experience for me. I am not sure who listens to me when I pray, or who sees me when I look up at the stars at night. But I do have profound gratitude for Mother Earth, and her natural beauty I get to be a part of every day.  I cannot imagine a more fulfilling way to spend my time on earth, than making paintings in her honor. Every one is a tribute to this wonderful planet of wild things we call home. 


This is also true..."There are moments when I see a landscape and it is so beautiful to me, it is overwhelming to look at. My heart jumps out of my chest, I want to be the land.  I want to be the rain, the wind, the clouds.  However I am just a human in a tiny body.  So I humbly accept my place and do what I can to show my gratitude and awe for the land – I paint it."
With love and paint, Liana



Selected Group Shows     "Retrospective", Inclusions Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2020

                                     "Land in Color", Inclusions Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2020

                                     “New Currencies”, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA, 2019

                                     “Into the Blue”, Village Theater Gallery, Danville, CA, 2019

                                     “Retrospective”, Inclusions Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2018

                                     “California Living”, Ally Cat Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2017

                                     “It’s the Small Things”, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA, 2016

                                     “A Walk in the Park”, Village Theater Gallery, Danville, CA, 2016

                                     “Summer Fun”, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA, 2016

                                     “Spring Scenes”, Art Collector Shop, Berkeley, CA, 2016

                                     “Books and Art”, Alley Cat Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2015

                                     “Fall Medium”, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA, 2015

                                     “Artists of Mount Tam”, Bonika, Mill Valley, CA, 2013

                                     “Art on the Farm”, Windrush Farm, Petaluma, CA, 2010-2013

                                     “Marin Scapes”, Escalle Gallery, Ross, CA, 2010

                                     “Small Works Show”, Artworks Downtown Gallery, San Rafael, CA, 2010

                                     “Mano Y Mente”, Granado Street Gallery, Tularosa, NM, 2009

                                     “Views of the Far East”, Barnsite Gallery, Kewaunee, WI, 2009

                                     “Art on the Farm”, Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, CA, 2008

                                     "Southwestern China” Linden Gallery, Ellison Bay, WI, 2008

                                     “Landscapes”, Nordica Art Gallery, Kunming, China, 2008



Selected Solo Shows        “The Generous Hours”, Inclusions Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2018

                                     “Mountains, Hills, My Heart”, Throckmorton Theater Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, 2016

                                     “The Landscape Dream”, Cafe del Soul, Mill Valley, CA, 2014

                                     “Along the Long Way”, The Log Cabin, Albany, CA, 2013

                                     “Desert Landscapes”, Blue Dot Cafe, Alameda, CA, 2011

                                     “A View for You”, Room Interior Gallery, San Rafael, CA, 2010

                                     “Portraits of California”, The Depot, Mill Valley, CA 2009

Awards and Honors          Featured Artist, Inner Sunset Art Banners, San Francisco Women Artists, 2016-2017

                                      Artist in Residency Scholarship, Artist Refuge, Basin, MO, 2012

                                      Artist in Residency, Badlands National Park, SD, 2011

                                      Wine Label Artist, Rainbow Orchards Vineyard, Camino, CA, 2010

                                      Artist in Residency, Mano y Mente, Tularosa, NM, 2009


Selected Collections         Kelley & Farren, Law Offices, San Rafael, CA

                                     Stanford Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA

                                     Kaiser Permanente, Roseville, CA

                                     Irving William Bernstein & Co., Mill Valley, CA  

                                     Rainbow Wines, Camino, CA                                    

                                     Skinny Dip Farmhouse, Cohasset, MA
                                     Mano y Mente Art Museum, Tularosa, NM

                                     PeliRed Production, Brooklyn, NY

                                     Alamogordo Surgical Associates, Alamogordo, NM

                                     Funai Design, San Francisco, CA


Teaching Experience        “Little Landscapes”, Pacific Felt Factory, San Francisco, CA, 2019

                                     “Connecting to Land”, I Heart Art Studio, Pleasant Hill, CA, 2018


Current Representation    Inclusions Gallery, San Francisco, CA

                                     Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA

                                     Anne Iwrin Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

                                     Serena and Lily, Sausalito, CA